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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Long day. I felt so majorly tired. I think it was from the lack of calorie intake lately, but Im doing really well. I found out a while ago that there was no fucking scale in the house so I have to get one soon.
Something scary deep down inside tells me that I will have to eat sooner or later, and that means I will gain, no doubt.
:( I've been quite active lately with cleaning, work, and jogging. I noticed the change in myself too, I cant run for as long anymore before my head and vision gets all messed.
These days I'm only consuming water, coffee, little snacks (like a granola bar once a day) energy drinks, and sometimes I even drink milk.
I know that I'm shrinking though, my jeans are always getting baggier. :)
I got hired to a coffee shop, without providing any resume and they didnt require anything like an interview, which is probably because the place is so ghetto, but I love how its really chill. So I was really down with that. Theres only one thing I dont like about the place - the coffee sometimes tastses like shit and its not the machines fault.
I met some really nice people already.
I'm gonna keep working my butt off until I'm content with myself.
Although I'm afraid i will never get to see that day.

I hope everyone is doing great. I'll be sure to checkout your blogs!


  1. Ugh, I hate the fact that we have to eat! I still want a pill that keeps you alive without the calories. One day! I think the Japanese or the Koreans will come up with the prototype! I hope it's soon!

    I'm very envious of your baggy jeans. It reminds me of the song, "Baggy Trousers" by Madness. (Ooh, my age is showing!) Don't know if you listen to ska, but check it out. It's heaps of fun and silliness!

    All the best. XXX.

  2. i'm inspired by your determination :) i think a granola bar a day might not last very long though; why don't you try eating fruit or smoothies? the calories aren't that much and you'll still lose weight if you're moving around :)

    i ate three small peaches a day for a week and lost five pounds :) it works!

  3. I came to your page and I started hearing Marianas Trench, and I was like, damn he's got good taste.

    ANYWAY. You're doing so well! Doesn't noticing the progress feel amazing? That alone is motivation to keep going and avoid any slip ups.

  4. No scale?! I have every idea what that's like. My scale is broken.
    I'm glad for you that you are adjusting. Working at a coffee shop sounds like fun. I certainly hope it suits you.

    I wish my jeans would get baggier. I'm shooting for a size two myself (:

  5. you make it seem so east to just not eat lol
    but im very sure its not always like that
    i love the feeling you get when your jeans feel baggier than the day before .

  6. hey honey,

    ive got a new blog, perhaps u wanna follow, would be so nice :)


  7. You are doing so well. Good luck and keep it up. You have great taste in music by the way. :)

  8. If you have to eat,eat.Then work out afterwards.I don't like milk so I don't know about how many calories they can and do contain.Thankfully I am allergic to chocolates and butter and ice cream.I get swollen eyes(: Check out my blog? (:

  9. Hey Bru!

    Just wondering if you're OK, hey?! Miss you! XX.

  10. I miss reading your posts :( I hope you are doing well, and happy new year!

  11. You're doing great! :D

    If you get to the point where you feel sick, eat something. Anything.. a little more then a granola bar or milk. (yeah, advice from a fat person probably isn't the best, lol.. >.>) But it'll help you to avoid binging... and possibly passing out in the long run. o_o Don't push too far too soon. :/

  12. i always want to work in a small coffee shop, it always had been one of my dream

    great job on keeping food away from you, keep it up :D you're so strong, i could never do that

    great blog by the way, i just followed you

    have a good day :)

  13. I wanna if this person is ok! Cause I found this 8 years after it was made! If anyone knows pls reply!