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Friday, December 3, 2010


 Today is the 3rd day of my liquid fast, going well. I ate nothing and drank water, monster, and water. Water is good.
Well I don't like eating, its nasty and i dont want to be fat. (I am not fat, but I have a fear!) And normally people wouldn't know how i feel. I'm small for a guy, but I want to disappear...
and it makes it so much harder for me because i am a dude. My best friends will never understand and its so hard keeping this secret from them. To them I am sometimes a fag and its because i am sensitive on the inside, and a little different. I'm not anything femine though. They are just fatties.

Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments.. this is my first blog post so go easy on me lol...
I love reading your guys pro ana blogs and Im a decent enough writer so i decided to start my own.
yea get to know me! I'm nice.

Rawr its Natesaurus :)
Pce, Nate


  1. hey! thanks for following my blog :)
    and welcome to blogger yourself! it's a really nice community so i'm sure you'll fit right in. congrats for your successful liquid fast so far! i love energy drinks but tend to drift towards red bull light because monster has so many calories! but they're the only calories you're getting so i guess it's a good thing.
    hmm qtns..what's your history with ED? have you always felt this way or was there a triggering moment?
    amy :-)

  2. Hello!
    Just stumbled onto your blog. Wow, your third day on a liquid fast? Great self-control! The longest I've ever gone is 30 hours...I know what you mean about the "fat fear." I'm not fat anymore, but I can't even harbor the idea of gaining weight without becoming seriously freaked out.

    Anyway, I'm a Californian too and around your age, so I'll be following your blog with gusto...Good luck!

  3. aww hey! this is SO neat, i've never met a guy who feels like this before. I think its really neat. I'll totally follow you!

    ps- i'm like all goody goody and preppy and crap... however i love your hair and lip ring. no lie :)

  4. cute first post! and omg, i totally live in Los Angeles... i feel like us Cali bloggers have to stick together :]

  5. Thanks for following :) and welcome to the world of Blogging! ha :) x

  6. I've just started following, it's great to find a guy on here to see how they experience everything. I look forward to reading your posts :)
    love Anafly

  7. hello mr nate,
    new follower. i'll be following your progress.
    much love and luck!

  8. good luck for the rest of your liquid fast. how long to you plan on fasting for?
    energy drinks makes me crazy, but they're oh so good lol

  9. Hey there!

    I FUCKING LOVE your blog! Brilliant layout!

    It's so great to have one of the boys on board. You're certainly among friends! I love your look and I can tell, you're my kinda dude, deeply cool!

    Pointless info: I'm from Port Elizabeth (South Africa), our town is twinned with Palm Desert, California! (to promote cultural and commercial ties) Even though I've not been there, I think CA is AWESOME!!!

    Good luck with the rest of your fast, gonna do some heavy restricting myself next week. Thanks for your comment on my site, I left a reply beneath it. Great to hear from you! XXX.

  10. Hi! you are the first guy I've seen on here as a pro ana blog! Welcome to the blogging world. I don't know about everyone else but I know it helps me a lot.
    I hope your fast is going well. I'm on day 6 of a water fast so I know how difficult it can be. Though I can't stand monster. I kinda OD'd on it one night and haven't been able to drink it since. (It was b4 I was ana but I had a little over 15 in the course of a couple hours on an empty stomach)
    I like the lay out! I hope to see you post more often. Good luck and stay strong.
    P.S. you do not have fag hair. or I like your hair anyway lol

  11. hey =) first ana guy ive met, awesome! (well im assuming your ana right cuz you said pro ana?) its alot more common than people think, its just that guys arent as highly suspected of ana/mia as girls are so it goes alot more unnoticed. plus guys dont usually talk about their life struggles and how they want to lose weight; i find you real and refreshing. im in forced recov at the moment :P but gosh i hate it! thought id let you know cuz some ana/mia's preferr to stay away from recov's. ranking kinda thing i gess. anyway great job on the fast! and ah, if they wanna call you a fag for being skinny and sensitive, that just goes to show you how messed up US is haha! everyone is overweight and trying to be cool (aka- insensitive jerks) so the ones of us who are skinny/thin and shows emotion appear different/underweight/weak. your cool to me! ^__^

  12. Finally! I've found an Ana guy on Blogspot!
    *pops beer bottle*

    Okay.. ;_;'
    I'm not that idiotic. D:
    Sorry. XD

    3 Days is fantastic. ;P
    I end up giving up near the 2nd day, but that's because I'm huge. x]

    You're probably 10x's stronger then any typical guy who's always trying to be all 'buff'...emotionally. ;D

    (Yeah, I'm your knew stalker. Please don't mind. ;_;)

    Good luck with everything! :)