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Monday, December 6, 2010

My Thinspiration

I am feeling light and good. Chris and I are better than ever and he said hes fine with me not liking him back. I could kinda just tell that hes a little hurt though but i let him know that if I wasnt straight i would date him. Well its sorta true. And we hung out normally today with no awkwardness. Thanks for all your tips people!! Oh and the thing about my mother, I havent seen her all day so its good. And I hope she isnt serious about sending me to NYC.

Andy Six has awesome thinspo pictures to look at. I have a mancrush on this guy, hes fuckin rad and is a chick magnet.

You guys are the fucking BEST. The most encouraging, inspiring, supportive group that I've EVER run into. Thanks so much for all your advice and encouragement without it would be nothing and i would feel all alone. Your my FAVORITE thinspiration. :)

I've been fasting and I've lost 2 lbs. I dont know why im not losing as rapidly anymore. I guess the only thing that made me lose 6 lbs last time was because of vigorous excercising and then weighing not long after... Or maybe the fasting paid off. Anyway im so happy Im still losing and not gaining. Im thankful that Im a dude so i have higher metabolism. Haha please dont hate me.

Your all amazing. Im gonna creep around your blogs now :)

Pce, Nate


  1. I'm happy about you and Chris. (: Having gay friends really paid of, I guess ? :P
    good job with the fasting. and loosing weight.
    And I hope your mother doesnt actually send you to NYC. I mean it's a great place and all for a weekend trip up, but I feel like if I had to ever leave my friends then I'd hate it so much.

    keel up the good work
    (secretly hating you for you being a guy and having a high metabolism)

  2. i'm glad you and chris are ok :)
    yes you and your manly metabolism!! i'm so jealous

  3. Gasp! That man is beautiful *cries*. I'm really happy about you and Chris; it would be really shitty to lose a friend like that. If I could have just 1 friend from way-back-when, my life would be complete. Try to stay on your moms good side. I'm not sure if she's the kind of person you could talk to, so that would be a good alternative. Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way. I like getting those :) Curse you and your ManTabolism! <3

  4. haha I love Andy Sixx... never thought of him as thinspo, though. haha I wish I had a metabolism like a guy. I'm jealous.
    Moms can be super tough sometimes. Stay strong.


  5. Men are soooooooooooooo lucky with their metabolisms!!! Haha but good work anyway!
    Mothers are tricky creatures... I know it's obvious but try and stay on her good side. Good luck.
    Love Anafly

  6. Oh wow that guy looks very yummy!
    I'm glad you could look past your friends sexuality. In the end it doesn't really matter, unless he's trying to rape you or something >.>
    Like you said at least you're losing and not gaining! You're probably not losing as much as before because your metabolism has slowed down a little.

  7. you jerk with your high metabolism. haha but its ok :)) it sounds like you'r doin pretty good, I hope it stays that way!

  8. I am glad everything is OK with Chris. You know there aren't many boys who would breathe over their male friend's crush on them. That's awesome!
    Yay for the weight loss, keep it up. Weight loss is always good.
    And yes, I'm not gonna lie to you. I am jealous of your metabolism. I still don't hate you :P

    ~ Meg

  9. .... is it weird and akward that I want to look like him? ... 'Cause I feel weird that I want to look as pretty as a guy.... anyway... so stoaked that we are fasting together.... should be awesome... as long as I can control myself. Congrats on the loss.... even if it isn't as much is awesome!!!

  10. Hey-hey!

    So glad you 'n Chris are cool again.

    Awesome thinspo! You should sue for breach of copyright. He totally stole your look!!

    Well done on your weight loss, so jealous!

    Have a great day, Babe. XXX.

  11. hi
    i'm glad you and chris are good and things are not arkward. well done with the weight loss, its probaly not as much as before because the metabolism has slowed down, eat some chillis, it makes it faster :)

  12. ooo i like him! he reminds me of a japanese visual kei style rock artist. hot! ^__^ i read your posts up to this one and im glad you and chris are good now =)

    alot of times when you fast your metabolism slows way down to conserve the calories you consumed pre-fast and the fat your body already has (not that your fat by any means =) everyone has some sort of fat their body stores). it uses it so you can have energy to last till the next time you eat. thats why sometimes you can lose up to 5lbs after a post-fast binge. its probably why you didnt lose as much. that and like you said about the exercise. cold water is exelent for metabolism boosters and so is caffeine. maybe have a protein shake every so often?

    hoope i provided some help =) good luck and great job! stay strong.

  13. Im so glad you and chris are good now. It would be a shame to lose a friend because of that. I don't know your mom but mine bluffs a lot so maybe she is bluffing? one can hope. Good luck and have fun creeping. You a a major inspiration to. I WISH I had a guys metabolism

  14. 2 lbs is still good! At least you're losing something.
    Guys are lucky. They can keep losing like it's nothing, TBH. -_-

    You'll probably lose weight somewhat more rapidly again. The body is weird...

    And dayumm, I love your thinspo. XD

    (Well, I'm kind of a random creeper on your profile, so... :/)
    ..that sounded wrong. o.o

  15. lovin your thinspo, BVB are awesome! so jealous wish i had a guys metabolism they loose so much easier.