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Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am furious at my mother right now..... she wants to send me to live with my dad in nyc but she remembers well what happened last time she did!! She was mad at me because I got in trouble doing drugs then stealing with my friends so she sent me away to new york. When I arrived there and spent one day with my dad, he was missing the next morning and i was left all alone in the apartment, when they found him he was in Vegas! Im surprised he didnt get anybody pregnant or lost all his money gambling there, knowing him...
and this time its only because of one arguement and she wants to send me away. I wish she was not such a bitch telling everybody im anorexic because i told her i dont want to eat because im really not hungry!! I am fine with my energy drinks and water. She tries to force me to eat all the time so we had a fight about it and now she wants to send me away, which is pathetic. Like doing that would make me eat. She's always going to be this unreasonable bitch. Well atleast maybe in nyc I will have more freedom to do what i want.
Ugh but thats not the problem.. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE ORANGE COUNTY!!! this was where i was born, grew up, and a part of what i am. I love it here: my friends, the girls, the beach, the parties, my life, everything about this place still makes me feel at home and puts me at awe. I can't believe her!

 Im really sorry about the outburst!!!!!!!!!
This just hasnt been the best day so far.. I haven't yet cleared up things with Chris yet, but im going to right away. like right after i post this. You guys are all so supportive! i never feel alone anymore.

For Ryssa lol:

I am now 120.1 lbs. Was 126 yesterday. Atleast theres something to be fucking happy about. :)
 I got lots of compliments at the party yesterday night. well it was more like "your skinny, you have to eat more." but it made me feel good.
And I hate how everyone just suspects that i dont eat when they think im skinny, not like its untrue, but dont you see how everyone just thinks someone is anorexic just because they are thin?

Well i gtg now! (and call Chris)
Pce, Nate


  1. Oh my God ... I would be so mad, so furious. I'm so sorry. I hope you won't end up going to NYC against your will.
    Are you serious???? 6 lbs lost in one day/night?? That is just so freaking amazing!!!
    Hope everything's gonna be OK with Chris

    ~ Meg

  2. WTF. You lost 6 lb in one day?! I am so so so jealous. You must be doing something right, so keep doing whatever it is! May I ask how tall are you?

    And maybe let your mother cool down. All moms are the same...They get pissed, take it out on you, but they always end up being there for you. Don't let your mom get to you. She's not in control of your life. I ignore my mother. It helps.

  3. That's so lame about your mom. I'd be so pissed off.
    Have you tried leaving dishes with crumbs on them around and stuff like that to get your mom off your back?

  4. sorry about that, and sorry you don't really have a parent you can rely on. i'm sure thats so tough, I couldn't imagine not having two awesome parents. but hey, I guess it just makes you stronger.

    danggg, thats a huge weight difference in one day! jeez!!

    I assume you've called chris by now, I hope it went really well!

  5. SIX POUNDS in one day? God, you are incredible. Also, I'm sorry but I don't understand your mother at all. How does sending you away make you any less anorexic? And I know how you feel--I love California. The weather, the people...even though I'll probably go to an east coast college, I am always going to be a California girl.

  6. OMG how did you loose 6 lbs in one day. wow! I'm sorry about your mom. Mines bad to but in different ways. If she sends you to NYC you will be closer to me lol I'm in NC. Does she not realize with a dad like that no one will know if you aren't eating? like it doesn't make sense.
    Good luck man.

  7. Woah! Congratulations on the -6! Doing great. I wouldn't worry too much about your mom. It's one thing to SAY she'll send you away, but it's another thing for her to actually do it. But good luck with her and Chris! Stay strong (and safe!) :)

  8. good luck with your phone call to chris!
    that's annoying that she thinks if she just chucks you over to a different city that the problem (which she will no longer have to deal with) will be miraculously resolved. but i think if you want to stay you need to do a better job at convincing your mum that you DO eat. pretend you've been out for lunch with friends, or that you ate a lot while your mum was out and are not hungry for dinner.

  9. sounds like your mom is being a bit unreasonable :( maybe you could start eating just a little bit in front of her? or prepare food and bring it to your room to "eat"? or even when she's not home dirty up some dishes so it looks like you've been eating? Maybe that would help.
    I hope things get worked out with chris!

  10. your mom is just worried. She thinks she knows what's best and is trying to protect you. Don't be too mad at her for trying to "help" you.

    On a better note.... WELCOME!!!! I'm so excited to have fresh new energy around here. I will be sure to stay in touch. Congrats with the loss

  11. You've got quite the welcome committee (:
    Like everyone said, totally jealous out your 6 pounds in one day. Fuck, if I knew how to do that I'd be loosin weight like it was nothing.
    And with Chris, being bi and having a crush on your best friend is hard enough. But he needs you more now then ever. He just told you one of his , probably biggest, secrets. And he needs his bestfriend there. Just don't think about it being awkward. Just try to resume being bestfriends.
    stay strong.x

  12. What happens to good people when they become parents? Fortunately I'm never going to find out. I will not be held responsible for ruining someone else's life!

    There's a good reason why I haven't spoken to my mother in 12 years. I have no intention to do so either! BITCH!!

    I think it's awesome that you're a skinny guy. Anyone who doesn't needs to address their jealousy issues! Hello, David Bowie, anyone? SEXY as hell!!!

    Hope you and Chris worked things out. Have a great week. XXX.

    P.S. 29 followers! You go, Boy!

  13. Yo (: I'm a new follower and all that jazz ;D

    Firstly, amazing lip piercing.

    Secondly, mums are indeed like that. Mine is a complete bitch - hence me having moved out.

    Well I'll be reading lots more now, hope you post soon <3

    P.S. Sorry for sounding boring, I'm not I swear!

  14. dude, ur so lucky to lose that much so fast. and what i do is just say ok to you mom, what ever she says just say ok and walk away. that always makes my mom shut up. lol

    and tell me what happewn with ur friend!?!?!? im curious!

  15. Sorry to hear about that. That is horrible!

    How did you do 6 lbs in one day? Thats so much!

  16. Guys always lose weight fast then girls. -_-
    Uggh. XD

    But damn, 6lbs?
    Lucky! D:

  17. Awww I love the pictures so much! <3
    You're mother is unreasonable! I would be soo pissed. I'm sorry about that and I hope you don't have to move since you love the OC so much. Congrats for the loss babe!
    xoxo Ryssa