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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fell in Love & Failed on Fast

I STILL can't believe this. Yesterday after work I asked Kaylie if she wanted to hang out, the two of us, just to chill and be with eachother and see how it goes. and she said...
yes. I asked when, and she suggested "now" at that moment, so we went out to the beach, sat underneath the night sky and talked. We got to know eachother and even got tired. She fell asleep on my arm, and I fell hard for her. We hung out today too, and i just got home a few hours ago.
 I can't explain in words how great life is going for me right now. Except that...
I broke my fast.
well I was literally being pressured.
By Kaylie.
Ughh I haate to admit this, but it was kinda worth it though.
I guess I'm in love and its messing up my focus. I have to fucking stay on track!!
And so I'm not ready to step on the scale yet... before I work out. Ive been feeling a bit weak lately, probably from the fast. I should probably just eat healthy and work out more, even though I like feeling hungry. I want to be able to move alot without losing my vision or feeling dizzy. Passing out would suuck.
I know if she loved me, and next time i stay determined to not eat, she would understand.
Right now the only big thing Im bothered about is if i get to stay here or not. I was listening to music on my earphones and I just noticed my mother when she was about to leave the house, and she gave me the mean glare. That was cold. Oh well now I am learning to not give up on hope because you never know if life is gonna head the other direction and bless you instead. :)
How are you guys doing?

Sorry for not updating the past two days, that was my excuse. :)
Hope you all reach your goals real soon

How does he look so thin. :/ This pic of him reminds me of myself and my faggyness. loljk

Pce, Nate


  1. i don't even know you and i'm so happy for you that you found someone that you really care about :] i've got my crushes but they don't even look my way lol there are skinnier girls at my school to date

  2. yaaay i'm so glad things went well between you and kaylie! taking a shot at it was obviously completely worth it :)
    i think eating healthily and exercising is definitely a good trade of for fasting. you'll burn a lot but not feel so sick and weak - plus there are the endorphins!
    stay strong

  3. being in love always makes things difficult, doesn't it? there's those times you go out to dinner or the movies or wherever and there's always food. but i know you can find a good balance between starving and love. it's all the same in the end, right?

  4. soooo your life sounds like a movie. haha don't worry about breaking your fast, its not that big of a deal anyway! you'll always be able to lose the weight again, but you won't get able to get back being happy. and I agree on what amy says- sometimes its better for weight loss and for your health to eat and exercise, not just fast.

    don't even worry about the big L word yet, brotha. you guys have known each other just a few days, just go with the flow. if it really turns into something that lasts a long time and is super special, then call it love. for now, just call it a really strong like :) if she doesn't "love" you enough to understand your eating habits yet, thats alright. Give her some time to fall in love with you, and i'm sure she will.

  5., Nate! So happy for you!

    Don't beat yourself up about eating, it's a necessary evil with dating!

    Your mom sounds menopausal, hope she chills! I'm glad you're not giving up on hope. Without it, we're all fucked!

    I'm having a 'fat day'! Thanks for asking, you're the best. XXX.

  6. Awww, i hope the feelings are mutual! That sounds so nice. Being in love is such a great feeling.
    I hope your mum calms down and let's you stay.
    I'm sure breaking the fast would have been worth it, and sometimes you need to treat yourself :)
    Hope things go well!

  7. Im so happy for you, that you've found someone xxx

  8. Hey Babae, me again!

    Check out this compo. Might be your kinda thing.

    Big Hug!

  9. Too bad you broke your fast, but that's awesome about the girl : ) I hope things go well between you two.