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Friday, December 10, 2010

Set the Mood

Well today I did better than I thought I would :)

I had only a small meal that consisted of carrots, lettuce, and crackers with cheese.
I worked out so much today, I think I over did it. Well I feel fine except my muscles are kinda sore but thats normal. I love feeling the burn, then feeling it pass, then feeling it come back when Im working on my muscles. I think I might be addicted :S
At work today Kaylie and I kept going to the supply closet to make out. I think Margaret (my boss) got suspicous so we kinda stopped and started working harder.
We also talked on the phone afterwards for like 2 hours. I NEVER stayed on the phone for that long in my life. lol
I really hope our strong like will develope into a strong love relationship soon.
Im in a really good mood.
I KNOW we can do this.
You're all fucking amazing. Just sayin.
"Its worse to finish than to start all over, and never let it lie" - Perfect, Hedley
We'll make it together, on this road to perfection. We're not there yet but we wont stop trying.

Pce, Nate


  1. :)) you and kaylie sound SO adorable. i'm glad your gunna allow it to blossom into a love relationship and not force it into one. its always sweeter and smoother that way :) as for now, it already sounds so sweet and beautiful. I hope to hear about this girl for a long time :)

    you are amazing, my friend. we really can do it, can't we?

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, I have a lot of guys friends that hate it when I use this word but you two sound so cute! I'm glad that the relationship is working out, I'm glad she makes you happy.
    Also good job on todays food intake.
    Love Anafly

  3. Just found your blog. You're actually the first male I've seen write a blog like this. I love your male thinspo though. It's still inspiring even though I'm not male.

  4. Aww cute. You guys are smitten.
    Nice job today : )

  5. awww cute :P
    and yes us girls can talk for a while
    btw thankyou for commentin on my post

  6. Better not slack off too much at work, would hate for you guys to get separated, i'm sure it's a massive turn on making out in the cupboard though!
    Bit naughty.
    I looove the feeling of working out, the burn is addicting though!
    Great job on your food for the day,
    thanks for your comments :)

  7. how sweet. i bet your ear hurt after that :P
    i always go to hard at the gym. why go if you cant feel it. lol. im glad you are feeling good. xo

  8. I am so happy for you. (: Phone calls are always the best.
    You're so strong, good work!

    I hope you and Kaylie work out too. <3

  9. Wow you are incredible Nate, keep it up!
    You guys are adorable together. I hope it works out and turns into a strong love relationship too! ^^ She must be lucky to have you. Hehe
    Stay strong boiii.
    xoxo Ryssa

  10. Woah Nate, you got it bad! Awesome! I'm so HAPPY for you! I love sneaking off to make out, it never gets old! :D

    Thanks for being such a good friend. XXX.