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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sometimes love, feels like pain, and sometimes I wonder if it's all the same

I really prefer hunger over food. There are some things I like about feeling hungry. When I am empty, time seems to flow by slowly and I could concentrate on things and actually take it in for once. I think its really true that "starvation is fulfilling", and that "colors become brighter, sounds sharper, odors so much more savory and penetrating that inhalation fills every fibre and pore of the body."
Although this morning I felt so nauseaus so I had some drinkable yogurt thing and a piece of whole wheat bread.
but thats okay I guess, breakfast is fine. I haven't weighed myself yet, I want to wait until the end of the week so hopefully there will be more progress.

So theres this girl named Kaylie. I think shes really hot. She's asian and super thin. She works with me and is the same age but looks alot younger. I haven't known her for long but i think I'm developing a huge ass crush on her. but chances are shes too good for me and we would never work out. Oh well, thats life.

Pce, Nate


  1. Crushes suck, but get to know her? Maybe you guys will become something. You'll never know until you try ~
    And I miss fasting, I think I might just have to for the rest of this week. Or just eat yogurt and tea. What a great combination / :

    good luck on you loosing weight, I totally bet you will. Hence the 6lbs in one day.
    Crazy! (:

    stay strong hun ~

  2. just get to know her! show her how funny you are, and if she likes talking to you and shows interest keep it going. I know you could charm her if you wanted :)

  3. Aww, don't lose hope when it comes to romance! You're a cute guy with (I'm sure) a lot to offer! And again, your willpower is absolutely amazing! How you are able to pass the whole day eating just yogurt and bread I will never be able to understand. Good luck with Kaylie and with weight. :) Cheers!

  4. The fact that you can fast so long amazes me.
    Try and think positive. Crushes can be amazing (yet sometimes annoying) things. Get to know her, see what she's like. Who knows, if you act yourself something could happen. Good luck!
    Love Anafly

  5. Haha, I don't know why boys are so intimidated by us Asian girls! I think you should talk to her. Odds are she's willing to give you a chance!

    Oh and you've totally inspired me to starve.

  6. definitely try and get to know her! she could turn out to be totally into you as well :) you haven't got much to lose!

  7. I'm with you on this one! I know I have a problem with addiction and this is my latest one (revisited). It's certainly the cheapest, too! None of my other adictions ever made me feel this good or even close to good about myself. I'm glad I traded up!

    Take it from one of yo' 'ed-sistas', life's too short for 'coulda', 'woulda', 'shoulda's. Get to know this girl. At worst, you guys remain friends, at best... this bit is up to you, Babe! Go for it! Much love. XXX.

  8. Oooh she sounds hawt!! Tap in there as soon as possibleee.

  9. you should ask her to hang out with you! i bet she would say yes XD
    good luck babe! (:

  10. Awiee! Talk to her! You will never know unless you try! I can never stay away from the scale for more than a day! Thanks for the comment! I hope I can get better soon, too. <3

  11. You never know what can happen, just try.Good luck with kaylie :)
    i wish i had you strength to fast, it seems you do it so effortlessly.
    Thank for the comment btw :)

  12. Hey now, go for it! You never know.

    Ah skinny asian chicks are pretty damn fit <3